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Elza van Dijk

Elza van Dijk - Art

ELZA VAN DIJK (1964) – Elza van Dijk is an independent potter and teacher practising the art in most of its forms like bisque ware, glazed and non-glazed items, controlled oven firing, pit firing, raku and lately a passionate disciple of sculptured, architectural and landscape ceramics.

She graduated from the university of Pretoria in 1984 with a BSc degree in domestic science with additional credits in adult education. Directly after university she worked as a dietician and as senior advisor, facilitator and consultant with the meat Board.

Lynette ten Krooden

Lynette ten Krooden 300

LYNETTE TEN KROODEN (1955) – Lynette ten Krooden is often categorised as a “landscape artist.” This narrow definition, of this well-travelled and scholarly artist, is perhaps too restrictive.

Lynette’s works penetrate deeper than mere representations of landscape and become vehicles for her exploration of symbols and spiritual dwellings with a metaphysical quality. Twenty-five years of travel and research into fossil life, ancient civilisations, their petroglyphs and cultures has resulted in Lynette forming a universal mythology which she utilizes as a forum for discourse.