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Monica van den Berg

MONICA VAN DEN BERG – Central to Monica van den Berg’s work is humanity and most notably, the human head, the centre of thought, reason and creativity.

Her sculptures reflect an intense relationship between herself and the clay with which she is working. She is drawn to the ancient art of ceramics because of the natural look of the work.

Jacques Müller

JACQUES MÜLLER – Jacques Müller’s career in the fine arts commenced in 1998 at the School for Creative Arts in Centurion, Pretoria. He continued his studies in the Fine Arts Department at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). He received his national B.Tech Fine Art diploma and became a full time professional artist soon thereafter.

Nature, life in general and the inevitable process of transience inspire Jacques’ work.

Willie Strydom

Willie Strydom - 001 Photo

WILLIE STRYDOM – Johannesburg-born Willie Strydom’s interest in art started at a very young age. His Dad used to work at the Post Office in Joubert Park, Johannesburg and when they, as a family, went to pick him up from work, they used to stop at the Park when there was an art exhibition. There, Willie identified artist Gerrit Roon as one of his favourites.

The first evidence of an artistic inclination was noticed in his primary school days when he was always sketching

Elza van Dijk

Elza van Dijk - Art

ELZA VAN DIJK (1964) – Elza van Dijk is an independent potter and teacher practising the art in most of its forms like bisque ware, glazed and non-glazed items, controlled oven firing, pit firing, raku and lately a passionate disciple of sculptured, architectural and landscape ceramics.

She graduated from the university of Pretoria in 1984 with a BSc degree in domestic science with additional credits in adult education. Directly after university she worked as a dietician and as senior advisor, facilitator and consultant with the meat Board.

Lynette ten Krooden

Lynette ten Krooden 300

LYNETTE TEN KROODEN (1955) – Lynette ten Krooden is often categorised as a “landscape artist.” This narrow definition, of this well-travelled and scholarly artist, is perhaps too restrictive.

Lynette’s works penetrate deeper than mere representations of landscape and become vehicles for her exploration of symbols and spiritual dwellings with a metaphysical quality. Twenty-five years of travel and research into fossil life, ancient civilisations, their petroglyphs and cultures has resulted in Lynette forming a universal mythology which she utilizes as a forum for discourse.

Erika van Zyl

Erika van Zyl - 002 Photo (640)

ERIKA VAN ZYL – Working primarily in oils, Erika often employs bold colours in an impressionistic manner as she leaves her studio behind for the freedom of “plein air”, her favourite manner of painting, to utilise light in her paintings to create atmosphere, that plays an integral role in her work.

By doing so, she conveys the emotional connection that she has with each scene.