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Alexander Rose-Innes

Alexander Rose-Innes 110 - Art (640x480)

ALEXANDER ROSE-INNES (1915 – 1996) – Born in 1915 in Beaufort West, Alexander Rose-Innes developed an aptitude for drawing at an early age.

The Rose-Innes family moved to Port Elizabeth in 1927, where he began his art studies at the Art School of the Port Elizabeth Technical College, under Francis Pickford and Jack Heath. After completing his studies, he enrolled as an apprentice sign-writer, continuing to pursue his art in his free time.

Anton Smit

Anton Smit - Foto (640x480)

ANTON SMIT (1954) – Widely revered for his overwhelming heads and monumental sculptures, evoking themes of suffering, reconciliation, glory and sublimation, his works grace public and private collections countrywide and internationally.

Anton Smit collects sayings about the relationship between art and the individual artist’s experience of reality. “Art is not to render the visible but to render visible” he asserts and his art achieves this in many ways.

Philip Badenhorst

Philip Badenhorst 001 - Foto (640x480)

PHILIP BADENHORST (1957) – Philip is well known for his rich impasto, colourful and expressionistic oil paintings. Predominantly in his work he uses the male figure, surrounded by flowers foliage etc.

Although not devoid of social realities, the viewer enters his inner-world with the leitmotif being the artist’s own history, fears and life. The viewer is seduced by the painted surface and discovers layers of content beyond the more obvious qualities

Lionel Abrahms

Lionel Abrahms - Foto (640x480_

LIONEL ABRAHMS (1931 – 1997) – Lionel is one of the artists whose works have previously been available from us. He is one of the lesser-known South African artists, mainly because he was somewhat reluctant to hold exhibitions of his artwork.

Initially he studied to become an architect, but suspended his studies after the second year to focus on his art to the dismay of his mother, Ella Abrahms, who immigrated to South Africa from Lithuania during the 2nd World War.