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Fabrizio Caforio (Fuz)

Fuz Caforio - 106 Art

FABRIZIO CAFORIO – “Fuz” as he prefers to be called, has devoted three decades of his career to wildlife art. The exquisite detail and life-like quality of his paintings comes from painstaking research. Much time is spent in the bush and at breeding research stations collecting all the necessary reference material. He has refined his skill and technique over the years to a point where fur patterns and textures are vividly and authentically reproduced on canvas.

Rogerio de Andrade

Rogerio de Andrade - 001 Photo (640)

ROGERIO DE ANDRADE – “I suppose my first influence and interest in drawing characters started at about the age of ten with Hergés Tin Tin. His illustrated adventures have always fascinated me. I collected and read all of his comic books. I enjoyed them so much that soon I was copying his style of drawing.

I invented my own stories and illustrated them too, “a la Hergé”.

Retha du Preez

Retha du Preez - 101 Art (800) Pommecoffee

RETHA DU PREEZ (1965) – Growing up on the farm, Goreis, in the Outjo District, Namibia, Retha was given the nickname of “Riki” by her late father.

Retha only took up painting three years ago and after experimenting with various media, she realised that painting with oil is her passion.

Antoinette Dumon

Antoinette Dumon - 102 Art (800)

ANTOINETTE DUMON (1958) – Antoinette commenced with her art studies 8 years ago. The artwork of Lord Leighton and Bouguereau inspired her to study the Old Masters of the classic era and their art techniques.

Oil has remained her medium of preference. She has since ventured to do a variety of still lifes and scenic city paintings. She aims to communicate through art and resonate a slice of life with a spiritual meaning.

Jolante Hesse

Jolante Hesse - Art 102 (800)

JOLANTE HESSE – Jolante Hesse is one of eight students from internationally acclaimed artist, Stefan Rossouw’s Pretoria Studio, who exhibited her paintings at Pretoria Kunskamer from 04 November till 18 November 2017.

In line with her personality, she seeks technical proficiency before artistic expression. This enables her to create a foundation that she can build on.

Bruinette Brecher

Bruinette Brecher - 222 Art (640) Stillewe met Granate en Geel Blomme

BRUINETTE BRECHER (1944) – “When Bruinette Brecher, after almost twenty years as a successful artist in a well-known design studio in Pretoria, decided to start a career as a painter, she was on the verge of an important albeit very challenging career change.

The disciplines of the art of design or commercial art and those of the fine arts painter are vastly different and require a totally different mind-set; a mind-set that many designers find impossible to adjust to.