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Jolante Hesse

Jolante Hesse - Art 102 (800)

JOLANTE HESSE – Jolante Hesse is one of eight students from internationally acclaimed artist, Stefan Rossouw’s Pretoria Studio, who exhibited her paintings at Pretoria Kunskamer from 04 November till 18 November 2017.

In line with her personality, she seeks technical proficiency before artistic expression. This enables her to create a foundation that she can build on.

Hester Hattingh

Hester Hattingh 001 - 640x480

HESTER HATTINGH – Hester Hattingh grew up in the Eastern Cape. Her first solo exhibition was at the KKNK in 2004. Since then she has been a full-time artist with numerous solo and group exhibitions.

To Hester the rural landscape is an inspiration and all her paintings have that feeling of space, light and peace. For Hester colour is the emotion of nature and her paintings portrays it.