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Roelof Rossouw

Roelof Rossouw - 006 Photo (800)

ROELOF ROSSOUW (1957) – “I was born in Benoni, South Africa in 1957. My parents took me to every air show and at the age of four I knew all the aircraft and made drawings of them.

Aircraft and flight was my first passion, then came comic heroes like Tarzan, Cisco Kid, Flash Gordon and later Tintin. Inspired by the excellent quality comics and their artists of the sixties, I made my own comics

Wilma Roux

Wilma Roux - 102 Art (800) Forbidden Fruit

WILMA ROUX – Wilma has painted all her life but started painting in oil under the guidance of Delhia Rovattide Gomes Coelho from grade 8-12 and majored in Art in Grade 12.

After school she painted mainly in water colour and produced plant and grass illustrations for various books of the Botanical Institute of Pretoria and Namibia as well as for the Dept. of Water Affairs over a period of 12 to 15 years.

Wilko Roon

Wilko Roon - 01 Photo (400)

WILKO ROON (1983) – Wilko draws his inspiration from his immediate surroundings, the people in Paternoster and Stellenbosch and especially the children, reflected in bright colours unique to his own style.

Wilko Jacques Christiaan Roon, the youngest of three sons, was born in 1983 in Pretoria. Wilko performed well at school and like his two older brothers, was a top art student. After school hours his interest was cycling, and he performed exceptionally well in down-hill and cross-country racing.

Dante Ruben

Dante Ruben 001 - Photo (640x480)

DANTE RUBEN (1962) – Dante Ruben was born on the 7 May 1962 in Cape Town. This is what Dante says about her work and the inspiration behind it:

“I lived in the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus South Africa for 10 years, which I would consider being the absolute career changing period of my life. I now reside in tranquil Stanford.

Stefan Rossouw

Stefan Rossouw 002 - Photo (640x480)

STEFAN ROSSOUW (1973) – Stefan Rossouw was born on 25 March 1973 in Walvisbay, Namibia, growing up on a farm. Since Stefan could remember, all he wanted was to be alone with his colouring books and pencils. His mom supported his artistic development by giving him a new colouring book every time as soon as his book was full.

Stefan was also very fortunate to have art in school. At the age of 11, he went to the Swakopmund Primary School where art was always part of his schooling and childhood.

Alexander Rose-Innes

Alexander Rose-Innes 110 - Art (640x480)

ALEXANDER ROSE-INNES (1915 – 1996) – Born in 1915 in Beaufort West, Alexander Rose-Innes developed an aptitude for drawing at an early age.

The Rose-Innes family moved to Port Elizabeth in 1927, where he began his art studies at the Art School of the Port Elizabeth Technical College, under Francis Pickford and Jack Heath. After completing his studies, he enrolled as an apprentice sign-writer, continuing to pursue his art in his free time.