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Martha van der Westhuizen

Martha vd Westhuizen - 001 Photo (800)

MARTHA VAN DER WESTHUIZEN (1948) – Martha was born in 1948 in Cape Town, South Africa. She matriculated at Jan van Riebeeck High School, Cape Town and completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at the University of Stellenbosch in 1970.

After obtaining her diploma she worked as a graphic artist and later as a photographer at an architectural firm in Cape Town. In 1974 she established her own photographic studio

Elize Venter

Elize Venter - 100 Art (Original) Morning Glow

ELIZE VENTER (1963) – Elize Venter has been a student of Stefan Rossouw since the beginning of 2018. She finds herself with the master that inspired her passion for creating art on a high level.

Her passion for nature, flowers and old masters motivates her to continue to reflect her enthusiasm in her work as well as to keep improving in quality.

She saw the photo of the old deteriorated wall covered with bright, crisp flowers and immediately knew that she had to capture its beauty.

Chantelle van Zyl

Chantelle Van Zyl - 100 Art (480) After Study Edward Ladell Still Life

CHANTELLE VAN ZYL (1976) – Chantelle van Zyl is a new student artist learning oil painting from Stefan Rossouw. She is enjoying every minute of learning and is looking forward to creating beautiful masterpieces.

Oil will surely stay her favourite medium. Chantelle considers herself honoured to try her hand at old master paintings. She says she will always be inspired by them.

Marlene Visser

Marlene Visser - 100 Art (800b) After Study Edward Ladell Stll Life

MARLENE VISSER (1958) – Marlene always admired people who painted. When her children were older, she took up painting.

Her first teacher was Salome Prinsloo, from 2002 to July 2004. Due to circumstances Marlene stopped painting but started again in 2013 under the guidance of Bernadette Suttie.

Marlene has been with the Stefan Rossouw Art Academy since August 2018. She always liked the paintings of the Old Masters

Monica van den Berg

MONICA VAN DEN BERG – Central to Monica van den Berg’s work is humanity and most notably, the human head, the centre of thought, reason and creativity.

Her sculptures reflect an intense relationship between herself and the clay with which she is working. She is drawn to the ancient art of ceramics because of the natural look of the work.

Elza van Dijk

Elza van Dijk - Art

ELZA VAN DIJK (1964) – Elza van Dijk is an independent potter and teacher practising the art in most of its forms like bisque ware, glazed and non-glazed items, controlled oven firing, pit firing, raku and lately a passionate disciple of sculptured, architectural and landscape ceramics.

She graduated from the university of Pretoria in 1984 with a BSc degree in domestic science with additional credits in adult education. Directly after university she worked as a dietician and as senior advisor, facilitator and consultant with the meat Board.