Gardial Potgieter

Gardial Potgieter Art 100 (800)

GARDIAL POTGIETER (1969) – Gardial’s favourite media are oils and pastels, and her subject matter ranges from portraits to still life. Her work is primarily figurative but with a strong atmospheric quality achieved using muted colour.

Her mission is to create fresh, elegant, lavish pictorial poetry that beguiles, captivates, compels and confounds the viewer by means of visual commentary.

In her art she pays tribute to the old masters, the romantic’s era of the 16th and 17th centuries. This art period is mainly the inspiration of her favorite themes, being still-life, figure studies, portraits and collages.

Through the medium of oil paint, Gardial paints figuratively and strives to attain the perfection of the old masters. She started painting late in life and approaches the subject matter with acute observation and realistic rendering techniques.

She realizes that painting in such a realistic way has invisible powers of imagery that can be translated to the subject matter. Seeing is not just a passive activity, the eye is the window of the human body through which it feels its way and enjoys the beauty of the world.

She pays sincere attention to detail and hope that through her work the viewer will be able to experience the same pleasure and compassion for the subject that she felt when inspired to portray it.

As an artist, she embraces the sentiment for the use of certain objects while always maintaining her love for beauty. Gardial uses objects that seeks the harmony between inner-emotions and gratitude. Creatively, Gardial is interested in the emotions of peace, solitude, comfort, and joy. Added to the above are colour, shape and pattern. These complete the harmony she seeks in her art.

Gardial Potgieter is a student from internationally acclaimed artist, Stefan Rossouw’s Art Academy, who exhibited her paintings at Pretoria Kunskamer from 04 to 18 November 2017, and again from 01 to 20 December 2018.

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