Jacques Müller

JACQUES MÜLLER – Jacques Müller’s career in the fine arts commenced in 1998 at the School for Creative Arts in Centurion, Pretoria. He continued his studies in the Fine Arts Department at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). He received his national B.Tech Fine Art diploma and became a full time professional artist soon thereafter.

Nature, life in general and the inevitable process of transience inspire Jacques’ work. His paintings and sculptures co-exist through the use of abstract elements through colour in his paintings and both organic and inorganic objects in his sculptures to create a realistic whole. The transience process is clearly visible through the creative process to emphasize the inevitability of change.

Jacques has been commissioned to do work for both corporate and private collectors. His work is included in several collections throughout South Africa, Australia, Italy and the USA.

Jacques combines stone with bronze. There is a kind of symbiosis in the materials and anonymity in the figures, as though he was searching for the Universal man.

Often though, there are limbs missing, and holes blown in him, and his skin is scarred and broken as if we had just dug out of the dust some ancient figure buried centuries ago by the ashes of Vesuvius!

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