Jancine Laing

Jancine Laing - 100 Art (Original) Pink Peony

JANICE LAING (1957) – Jancine’s art journey began in 2006 when she joined well-known Pretoria artist Elmé Eksteen for oil painting classes. She loved it from the first day and knew that this is what she wanted to do.

With Elmé’s infinite patience and encouragement she gained enough confidence to start selling her art.

Jancine is inspired by colour, flowers, and the contrast between shadow and light. The vibrancy of the colour of this peony just had to be painted. The dark background makes the pink colour seem even more intense.

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Jancine Laing - 100 Art (Original) Pink Peony

Jancine Laing – Pink Peony

NOTA: Hierdie berig is ongelukkig nie tans in Afrikaans beskikbaar nie.