Martha van der Westhuizen

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MARTHA VAN DER WESTHUIZEN (1948) – Martha was born in 1948 in Cape Town, South Africa. She matriculated at Jan van Riebeeck High School, Cape Town and completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at the University of Stellenbosch in 1970.

After obtaining her diploma she worked as a graphic artist and later as a photographer at an architectural firm in Cape Town. In 1974 she established her own photographic studio, specialising in architectural photography and later also portraitures and fashion photography.

She remained involved with the arts through doing layout and photography of catalogues for artists such as the Flemish artist, Herman van Nazareth and the late South African sculptor, Chris van der Walt.

Martha lived abroad for extended periods since 1976 and whilst abroad obtained a diploma at the Le Vesinet Art School in Paris in traditional French picture framing and in New York she studied watercolour painting under the well-known Romanian artist Devis Grebu.

Since 2002 she studied for periods under Pretoria artists Marina Louw and Marita Johnson.

Martha works in acrylics on canvas and her focus at present is on still life studies with a combination of abstract and realism. She regards her work as an interaction between form, colour and texture.

Her first exhibition was at the Annatjie Krige Art Gallery in May 2004.

In 2003 and 2004 her work was accepted for the annual exhibition of contemporary artists hosted by Alette Wessels Kunskamer and her work is continuously on exhibition at Pretoria Kunskamer Art Gallery.

Through the collaboration between Alette Bester and Salon Music, on more than one occasion, Martha’s paintings have been selected as covers for Salon Music’s CD covers.

Her work is also represented in private collections in South Africa and Belgium.

Photography, however, remained a passion throughout this time. The arrival of digital technology created an opportunity for experimenting in various photography genres to broaden horizons.

The subsequent web-based platforms also afforded numerous opportunities for international showcasing with regular awards on these photographic sites.

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