Nick Papastefanou

Nick Papastefanou - 103 Art (800)

NICK PAPASTEFANOU – As a graphic designer, photographer and painter, Nic has for the past 40 years, run a design and advertising studio, specializing in graphic design, exhibition design and photography.

So inspired was he after a visit to Greece and Cyprus (birthplace of his parents) that he started painting, hoping to capture a little of the magic that he had experienced on canvas.

Today many of his paintings reflect the Greek themes of his experiences. His special interests lie in the icons and images of the Byzantine Period in both the Greek and Russian styles and in the Old Masters.

His latest series focuses on African themes and melting the old classics with modern imagery.

Nick Papastefanou is a student from internationally acclaimed artist, Stefan Rossouw’s Pretoria Studio, who exhibited his paintings at Pretoria Kunskamer from 04 November till 18 November 2017, and again from 01 to 20 December 2018.

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