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Pretoria KunskamerSERVICES – Pretoria Kunskamer Art Broker’s vision is to live our dream through our passion of the arts, to be prepared to learn something new every day and to make a conscious difference.

Over the years, investing in art has proven, sometimes spectacularly, that the investment is not only a worthy alternative, but it is more stable and recovers more readily than other investments. On top of that, the investment can be viewed and appreciated privately. This freedom of enjoyment cannot be derived from many other investments.

We thank our customers for their valued support and loyalty, and we look forward to serve you with professional advice and assistance.

Pretoria Kunskamer Art Brokers offer the following services:

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Artist Representation

In our pursuit to find the best artwork by an artist that our collector/art lover/customer wishes to acquire within their budget requirement, we also strive to promote each and every artist we represent to increase their exposure, develop their career and build their confidence.

Art Catalogue

Our extensive art catalogue includes SA masters, contemporary and establishing artists work. These are paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastel, etchings and lithographs, photography, sculpture in bronze, wood and other media, ceramics and earthenware.

Artwork Consulting and Selection

We assist our customers in selecting the perfect art works for their home or office. We will assist you to determine what you are looking for and guide and give you advice about the available options.

Whether the art work is a R1 000.00 painting by an emerging, establishing artist or a R1m plus art work by an old master, Pretoria Kunskamer Art Brokers is prepared to provide the professional services you require.

Collectors Resale

We give you an appraisal of worth for resell, to which we add our commission.

Curate Collections

Whether you need assistance in editing your existing art collection or in the daunting task of beginning your art collection – we would love to be part of the process. We are also happy to share our knowledge on placement, lighting, inventory, insurance and storage.

Art Custom Commissions

Many of our artists are more than happy to work on custom commissions. We are here to facilitate the entire process and will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. We will also assist in articulating ideas and details to the artist, making sure that your thoughts are clearly communicated.

Artist Inspiration, Guidance & Critique

It is vital that artists are inspired, creative and productive. We are available to inspire, guide and mentor when called upon. Likewise, critique is given upon request.


With our artistic and imaginative design ideas, your framing will be personalized to your unique style and requirements.

We will assist you in selecting the perfect frame and then we will oversee the project to ensure customer satisfaction and enjoyment. Our trustworthy courier service ensure that no project is out of reach.

Valuations and Assessments

Are you in need of an assessment for insurance coverage, estate planning or charitable donation? Artworks are individually assessed and valued at a fee.

Art Conservation and Restoration

It is essential that we care for our art works carefully and judiciously to prolong its life span as well as its value and to protect and conserve it for future generations.

We will assist by arranging that your aging or damaged art works are professionally conserved and restored by a skilled specialist.

Payment Plan

We offer Payments Plans of up to six months, interest free. Speak to us about your options.

Art Packing, Shipping and Courier Service

We arrange for the professional packing and crating of your art works. We arrange the services of a professional and reliable courier company to courier your art works door-to-door.

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